Circular Fashion Made in Italy!

Histoire et Philosophie

Rifò means “to redo” in the Tuscan dialect. This dialect was used by artisans who invented a method of recycling clothing called “Cenciaioli” over 100 years ago.

RIFO was born in Prato, in the heart of Tuscany, 30 km from Florence. Prato is recognized worldwide for its textile craftsmanship and more particularly the “Cenciaioli”, this technical process which transforms fabric waste and old clothes into new clothes, with the same qualities as the original products.

RIFO revives this ancient industrial tradition, in particular to make recycled cashmere clothing.

RIFO represents the synergy between technology, social commitment and respect for the environment, producing high quality clothing made to last, with particular attention to detail. RIFO applies the following principles for its entire collection:
– Clothing made with recycled and recyclable materials – 100% local artisanal production – Social impact

Qui est derrière la marque

RIFO was founded in November 2017 by Niccolò Cipriani and Clarissa Cecchi, thanks to successful public funding on Ulule. Niccolò and Clarissa are two lovers of their region, who want to highlight the unique know-how of artisans in the Prato region, and put this expertise at the service of a more sustainable fashion.

Aware of the global climate emergency, they created RIFO to contribute to the transition to an ethical and sustainable model for our generation and those to come.

Engagement écologique et social

We have chosen to develop our collection with recycled cashmere, to offer clothes that are truly sustainable over time.

Recycled cashmere yarn is made from old clothes, which are sorted by color, so there is no need to dye it again. A process that allows us to save a huge amount of water.

The recycling process as well as the production of Rifò clothing is carried out in the textile district of Prato by an experienced family business, which guarantees valuable results and minimal waste.

Finally, Rifo’s recycled cashmere sweater is 100% recyclable. In fact, we offer our customers the option of returning their old Rifo cashmere garments to us for recycling again.

Once the sweater is made, we will have saved, compared to a conventional cashmere sweater: – 89% water – 76% energy – 96% of CO2 – 76% chemicals and dyes

After cashmere wool, Rifò has decided to also tackle the problem of cotton, one of the most polluting fibers in the textile industry, by combining it with plastic bottles, a real threat to the planet.

Rifò has designed a sustainable and responsible t-shirt, made from recycled cotton and designed to last. All its production requires only 30 liters of water and 5 recycled plastic bottles, necessary to give it elasticity and resistance.

RIFO wants to have a positive impact on the society in which we live. The first step was the decision to produce everything locally, helping artisans within a radius of 30 km around our office.
Then we thought we could do more and we created # 2lovePrato, which funds specific projects carried out by non-profit organizations that have been operating in the Prato region for years. For each purchase of a RIFO product, 2 Euros are allocated to a specific project of these associations. Some examples of supported projects: – Creation of a breastfeeding area inside the hospital of the city of Prato with the Ami Foundation – Funding of a three-day sailing trip for autistic children with the Opera Santa Rita. – Parental support for immigrant mothers